About us

On this page we will try to briefly describe who we are and what we can do …
So …
The history of our team starts somewhere in the early 90s, when in tuning car interiors featured only a few firms, such as Saint-art, alarm today and tomorrow. Thanks to the last we all got to know …
In those years, the main contingent of tuning studio were the owners of Mercedes and Audi. Basically, each owner was trying to alter your car all the way, something to be individual, to amaze your friends when you “first open the door of his car!
Today, of course, trends in the waist got used a dramatic change. Owners of cars began to approach to tuning with a more practical point of view. But it’s still not diminish, fortunately, the list is welcome!
Padding of the saloon is not only a way to express yourself, but to do interior of your car so, how he sees its owner! Unfortunately, to date, even new cars such famous brands as Mercedes and BMW can not, as before, to boast of its durability, leather interior! It seems to change the quality comes to the number, and why, if machine and so bought very good!
That’s when the help and we come!

What do we do?
And we do very much, from the waist standard cabin, to the exclusive Projects, with production design, etc. Projects
We mozhei according to your desire to pull the car virtually any item! What is not subject to the waist, painted in the color of the material!
We work with wood, carbon fiber, we have professional installers of audio-video aparatury.
If desired, we can make out of your minivan, a real mobile office or office!
Changing the form of steering, seats, lights, dashboard?, You need a company logo in the form of embroidery or embossing?-Come, and we will always help!
We have over 200 types of automotive leather, about 50 shades of Alcantara, more than 50 shades of wood and carbon fiber!
We are always happy to advise you on suitable material and offered his services in the waist of the interior.

Welcome to the world of Alcantara and leather …