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“Alcantara” – a synthetic material has become very popular lately! It is perfect for finishing ceilings, racks, rear racks and more.
Alcantara combines perfectly with the skin at the waist of the seats, dashboard and door linings. For strength and durability superior to any skin perfectly clean and does not burn.
With an exclusive finishing-material “Alcantara” used by such famous brands as Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, WV.

Material Alcantara – «artificial suede, was developed in the late XX century, the Japanese research company TORAY INDUSTRIES INC. and the Italian textile company. The emergence of Alcantara made a real revolution in the world of finishing materials.

Alcanatra as a product
Alcanatra – soft and velvety to the touch, it seems most that neither is a natural material and creates a unique feeling of warmth and space.

Alcantara is a diverse color palette of neutral shades to the ultra bright colors. Also on order Alcanatara made with various perforations and other finishes.

Benefits and quality
– Alcantara has excellent abrasion resistance, rub and gloss
– More resistant to chemical attack and abrasion than other finishing materials (textiles, vinyl, leather, suede)
– Alcantara did not fade in the sun, does not support combustion
– Alcantara thermo-stable, she was not afraid of changes in temperature
– Alcantara difficult to cut, but cuts easily repaired
– Alcantara is very flexible, it is possible to produce surface finish of complex forms
– Alcantara perfectly with leather and other materials
– When working with Alcantara is virtually no waste
– Alcanara easy to clean and easy to care for her, following table stain removal

Care rules and table stain removal
Alcantara is easy to clean, can be washed in warm water. To maintain the cleanliness, use a soft brush or sponge. Stains easily removed, if accurately implement the recommendations.

Table stain removal
Alcoholic Beverages:
Washing with soap, cleaning dilute methyl alcohol (10-20%).

sponge soaked in warm water (max 40%) mixed with 3% methyl alcohol.

Drinks and wine:
sponge soaked in vinegar, dilute with water (50%) or foam.

Coffee, tea, milk:
laundry soap, Stubborn stains cleaned with dilute ammonia (10%).

Ballpoint pen, shoe polish, coal tar, tar, chewing gum:
with an absorbent sponge soaked in ethanol (90%) or turpentine oil.

Chocolate, sweets, blood:
sponge soaked in soapy water (max. 40%) and 5% ammonia.

Oil paint:
cleaning turpentine and then wash with soap and water.

sponge soaked in soapy water. In some cases, when the old spot, you should ask the opinion of an expert on cleaning.

In most cases, a sponge soaked in soapy water. In the case of difficult stains, use ethyl alcohol 90% or 5% ammonia. For stains from nail polish to use a special solvent.

Fruits and vegetables:
sponge with warm water or 40 with soapy water.

As soon as possible to clean the stains, blotting with a 20% methyl alcohol and then sponge with soapy water.

Jam, syrup, fruit juice: wash with warm water 40 from. Difficult stains 90% ethanol.

Oil, grease:

Types of material
Today we can choose four main types of material:

Pannel – without a substrate for the dashboard;
Cover – with the backing of the textile seat;
Soft – with backing from paralon ceiling and racks;
Alcantara is manufactured in large rolls, it gives more room for creativity. Roll width 1.42 m.

In defense of forgery Alcanatara manufacturers label their products with original labels (on the reverse side of three pieces for each meter).

Alcantara is certified in all countries of Europe and America for use in the finishing of automobiles, aircraft and water transport. With each, even the minimum party, you get the quality certificate and fire certificate of conformity for products Alcantara.