Aside from hauling automotive interior leather and Alcantara (we use only automotive leather middle and upper classes of Italian and German manufacturers, the skin has all the relevant certificates of quality and consistency), we also provide following services:


Development of individual design Projects for your car! work is performed leading designer of one of the most famous studio in Moscow!

Change the anatomy of the seats

If you are uncomfortable to sit in your car, lacking lateral support to the back, or it seems too flat seat, we will help you change the shape of your seat more comfortable and ergonomic!

Modified form of steering

if you want to stay not just for the “steering wheel”, but for now anotomichesky wheel-you to the right place! We produce a convenient form, we make the steering column and drag into the skin of any color, according to your taste.

Decorative finish

If you do not like finishing trim strips, dimmed by time or cracked wooden floor, decided to replace the tree on the carbon or just add the finishing any details, we can help in this matter!

Finish in Endangered Species of skin

If you have the desire to be in the cabin of the car skin exotic animals such as crocodile or python-we can help! finish of this type of skin stresses your worth and status, gives a very rich look to your car.

Application of logos and monograms

If you want to put on any piece its name, emblem or monogram, your service embroidery thread on the skin of any color or combination-up to fotografii. Tak can also make hot stamping on the skin on your sketch (using a cliche)!

Our works

We are always happy to advise you on suitable material and offer our services in the upholstery of a motorcycle seat or car interior.

All works


We offer a wide range of materials for your car:

  • Leather
  • Leather interior car in modern life is a luxury and prestige. Due to rising incomes of the middle class, these luxury and prestige are becoming more affordable. Automotive leather, unlike the skin of other destinations (eg, furniture, footwear, etc.), has high strength, durability and fire resistance.
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  • Alcantara
  • "Alcantara" - a synthetic material has become very popular lately! It is perfect for finishing ceilings, racks, rear racks and more. Alcantara combines perfectly with the skin at the waist of the seats, dashboard and door linings. For strength and durability superior to any skin perfectly clean and does not burn. With an exclusive finishing-material "Alcantara" used by such famous brands as Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, WV.
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  • Perforated leather
  • Perforated leather. The material is not only design in nature, but is also used for seats with ventilation. (leather and alcantara)
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  • Exotic materials
  • Exotic materials. At your request, we will refurbish the salon in exclusive materials. Leather of a crocodile, python, etc.
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Reviews of customers

Reviews of real customers, who made orders in our company.

Всегда рады помочь,спасибо за развернутый отзыв!
17.09.2023 11:12:50
Еще зимой задумался о перешивке седла. По рекомендациям вышел на Илью. Потом закрутилось… в сезон вкатился так и не сподобился. А тут 2 недели отпуска без мотоцикла и всё сошлось! Илья подобрал время, обговорили дизайн, сроки, материалы. Илья слушает клиента, при этом предлагает улучшения по своему опыту. В итоге перешивка, правка ширины и высоты, гель для водителя 👍🏻. Всё качественно, в срок. Гель - советую всем! Кроме удобства и комфорта для пятой точки в виде удлинения безостановочного пути для разминки, еще один интересный эффект - до этого обороты выше 4к на моем BMW F800r уже были не комфортными по вибрации - теперь на 5к легко едешь, вибрация только на ручках осталась 👍🏻, сидишь вообще ништяк. Рекомендую! Спасибо!!
25.07.2023 14:33:39
Заказал перешивку сидений, спинок, задних динамиков и дефлекторов на Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. Работа выполнена в изумительном качестве. Очень доволен! Спасибо мастеру!
24.07.2023 22:24:29

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